About Us

Vogue, having made its next revolution, revert to the well forgotten old things. Wigs, chignons, switches and hair-pieces are always in fashion, only colours and models change. For almost 20 years our Firm , has been pleasing residents of Riga and guests of Latvian capital with very qualitative articles and commodities made in Japan,Germanu,Lietuanija and sold for comparatively reasonable prices. There is a wide choice of such commodities in Riga.

Our loyal customers for many years are Riga theatres. From 1999 we cooperate with National Opera House and from 2004 – with Latvian National Theatre.

All articles are made of synthetic materials of top quality. Synthetic materials are prepared on the basis of seaweeds (canecalon). Natural hair is also used, that is why the wigs look very natural.

In rooms with special equipment You will be free to look at yourself from all sides and angles, to get accustomed to Your new image; and Your fellow travellers can either take rest in a cosy arm-chairs or to make familiar with plenty of commodities and articles that are for sale in the neighbouring sections. Experienced shop-assistant will recommend You to have a look at Articles that will seem to be the most suitable to Your image and type of face. A wig is the entirely personal and individual thing. It is possible to select wig colour and model for every woman. Of course, You will have to spend much time in order to select a perfectly suitable wig. Nothing strange – the hair-dress is always in the centre of attention of the environment.

Even if You have got perfect hair-cutting, that had been arranged in an expensive beauty shop, after a fortnight has passed, the hair-dress will lose foraging. Be sure, a wig will save the situation for You at any moment of emergency. With the help of a wig or a chignon You will be able within a few seconds to convert Your Eton-crop into a gorgeous evening hair-dress, and nobody will suspect that You are not feeling well today, or You simply overslept and for that reason You did not have enough time to wash and set Your hair.

At any times women liked to change theirselves. New hair-dress is the best way to feel yourself differently. But it is not practicable to cut and dye hair every week – Your hair will not stand it. So, what is necessary to do in order to change Your image in the most perfect way? Mankind has already found the way out of such situation that is anything but simple – wigs! Please, remember, how many times after a visit to a hairdresser You were looking into the mirror feeling pity for Your long-suffering head. The hairdo is awful, hair standing away in every which way and would not set up perfectly, the colour of hair would not match Your face, length of hair is far from being wanted, etc.
You sigh and recollect with sorrow Your locks that have been cut without mercy. For the thousandth time You realize that before You take decision to change Your image it is reasonable to call for advice from the side of experts. Unfortunately, usually there is no extra time to visit professionals, but with the help of a wig within a few minutes You will convert Yourself into a fatal blonde with hairdo “à la Marilyn Monroe” or into a fiery red-haired Angelica. In case such image is not after Your heart, You are free to call back Your original appearance.

We knows how to make Your hair-dress smashing and Your image – inimitable. All that You can do yourself within a few minutes! If You want to change Your style and hair-dress, You are free to carry out experiments with our wigs directly in our Section (You will have to pay for trying on – 3 euro for every wig – if You reject this or that wig and would not buy it, but when You buy a wig or a chignon, You can try on anything free of charge!)

If You want to make Your hair-dress more voluminous – no question! Our hairpieces will help Your hair-dress to acquire necessary volume.

Your image will be more striking if You add coloured locks, twisted in Your hair-dress, or built up with the help of capsules. Short hair can be made long immediately – again with the help of locks and capsules of natural hair.

Specially equipped apartments and experienced hairdresser will help You to do that quickly and with good quality at any time that is convenient for You. If you need  Previous appointment: telephone  +37129640868 (Speak English)